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FootprintFeb 20 20201 min read

Footprint's Yoke Chung Featured on ABC15 Arizona

Footprint's Chief Technology Officer, Yoke Chung, was featured on ABC15 to discuss how Footprint is transforming the food industry by replacing plastic food containers with trays, bowls, plates, and straws made of wood fibers. They're recyclable and biodegradable, and everything is made at a 135,000 square-foot facility in Gilbert, AZ.

"I think the main focus was on Arizona, as the company employs 200 people at this facility and another 900 at locations in South Carolina and Mexico," says Chung. "To me, Arizona is the #2 Silicon Valley, it's got a lot of engineers here, we got a lot of technology here, so the brain trust - I can actually get that in Arizona."

At Footprint, there are orders to fill for a who's who of corporate giants (ConAgra, Target, Bose, among others) and expansion to Europe and Asia are in the works. And maybe soon, here in Arizona. Chung adds, "We can expand further into this park or a different park, but again since our core management's here, I think it's easier to put larger facilities in Arizona."

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