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FootprintSep 24 20191 min read

Footprint CEO Interviewed on 'Plastic Week'

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Listen above to Troy Swope's full interview on CPR News

CEO Troy Swope was interviewed as a part of Colorado Public Radio’s Plastic Week where he spoke about how the company is working to replace plastic packaging with more sustainable solutions. 

Footprint is working with Coors’ craft label Colorado Native to replace plastic 6-pack rings with fiber that will last a matter of hours and won’t pollute the oceans. The engineering challenge was to create something that was paper based but was also sturdy. 

“To soak the cans in an ice chest for 24 hours, and its paper, and then be able to pull it out and hold it, that was challenging to get it to work,” said Swope. “And then at the end, whatever we do to it, we don’t want it to impact the end-of-life scenario.”

Another way Footprint is fighting back against plastic pollution is by transforming the coffee cup. People don’t always know that their coffee cup, while it’s paper, it has a plastic liner that makes it very difficult to recycle. In working with The NextGen Consortium in designing the next generation to-go cup, Footprint wanted to focus on something bigger than just replacing that liner. That’s why we focused our innovation on creating a drastically different look and feel than a traditional coffee cup. 

Overall, the company is focused on creating products that help eliminate plastic waste, with new technologies that stand up to multiple end-of-life scenarios. That means with Footprint products, you don’t have to second guess whether your trash goes in the garbage, the recycle, or the compost. Any Bin, You Win.