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FootprintAug 08 20221 min read

Packaging World - Plant-Based Fiber Tray for Gillette Razor is Green

Originally published on (Jul. 25, 2022)

With its new GilletteLabs with Exfoliating Bar razor product, Procter & Gamble brand Gillette has become the first to introduce at scale a recyclable, plant-based inner tray from packaging supplier Footprint that incorporates color. As Footprint Vice President of Sales Solution Development Collin Euteneuer shares, when Gillette approached the company about designing a tray to hold the razor—a new concept that integrates an exfoliating bar into the razor’s handle—it was looking for a solution that would eliminate petroleum-based plastics entirely, would be recyclable, and would align with Gillette’s branding and style, including its brand colors. In the case of the GilletteLabs with Exfoliating Bar package, that color was a neon green Pantone.

Footprint is a materials science company that designs and develops plant-based fiber solutions for a range of applications, including frozen and shelf stable foods, fresh meats and produce, foodservice packaging, cups and lids, and non-food applications, among others. Among the materials used are bagasse, or sugar cane, bamboo, softwood, and hardwood, along with patented, proprietary barrier coatings that enhance functionality for an application. One somewhat recent example of Footprint’s capabilities is a microwavable, fiber bowl for frozen Healthy Choice meals from ConAgra.

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