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FootprintApr 08 2019< 1 min read

Gilbert company recognized for 100% compostable food containers

Footprint was recently featured on 3TV/CBS 5 for having 100% compostable food containers.

GILBERT (3TV/CBS 5) - There are 250 billion disposable cups used every year across the globe. A Gilbert company is getting worldwide recognition for the way it’s trying to reduce the amount of trash packing our landfills and do away with plastics.

Footprint in Gilbert has a revolutionary new way to make food packaging, and it’s saving the planet.

It all started with a simple cup design, but now the manufacturing company has expanded to meat trays, bowls, and other shapes. All of the revolutionary products are entirely compostable.

“We’re gonna steer the market into a completely different direction,” Footprint spokesman Jeff Bassett said.

It’s all about changing how food is packaged and consumed.

“What we think of as a typical paper cup is, in fact, actually a paper cup with a plastic liner on the inside,” Bassett explained. That means your typical disposable cups pretty much have to end up in the trash bin at the end of life

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